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When it comes to the natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is leveraged by the biggest dogs in the game, like Google, there are a few tricks marketers have uncovered for securing organic SEO today. One of those tricks is known as a backlink, which is quite simply, your link/URL published on another credited site.

Now, Google is smart, and won’t accept links from spam sites, as well as a variety of press release sites, etc. as being valid. But, if they see your link is being published in accredited news sites, blog sites, and other valuable places, they will start to consider your link as one of importance. It’s how their algorithmic machine works.

Therefore, here at Tom’s Brand It, we provide you with “Link Boosting” services to get the SEO ball rolling?

What is Link Boosting?

We provide link boosting for your guest posts, social properties, press releases, YouTube videos, and more, helping you to get the SEO juice really flowing. We can boost guest blogs, social media articles, links, and other valuable sites pointing their power right in your direction.

Why Pursue Link Boosting?

While you engage in this type of organic SEO, you are pursuing one of three benefits:

  1. Increased Authority for Your Links: The more links pointing back to legitimate websites, the more authority your links are going to have. With better SEO backlinks comes a better overall standing and visibility for your website in search rankings.
  2. Ranked Properties: You want to appear higher in search results, whether that be in Bing, Google, or YouTube. One of the fastest ways to climb the ranks is to show these engines that your site is something worth talking about.
  3. Increased Website Traffic: With more authority and a higher search ranking, you are going to enjoy more natural website and platform traffic than ever before. With more people on your sites, you are simply going to make more money. That’s the power of strategic backlinking.

Although ad placement and other forms of marketing also create lead funnels to your website, backlinking is a natural way to boost your ranking in way that is permanent – it’s better for you and your wallet.

Tom’s Brand It

If you’re ready to get your site out there the organic way, we offer a variety of packages here at Tom’s Brand It that will help you secure the visibility you desire. Once you select your package, we create the content surrounding the links and show you the results. Through reporting, we show you everything that has been generated through the organic SEO, while working with you to make a strategic plan for the future.

Are you ready to backlink your way into service sales, product success, and overall greater exposure? Let’s get to work.

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