Brand Management In 2018
Securing Your Brand One Step At A Time
In today’s ever-increasing hyper-digitized global marketplace, it is becoming more and more important to ensure that you are in full control of your brand’s web presence. With the decline in print-related media, your brand’s online presence is almost just as important as your physical status as a brand. With that said, it is imperative that you are in full control of your online presence at all times to ensure that the right message is being sent to the right audience, at the right time.

Secure your brand today so that you can rest assured knowing that you’re in complete control!

Why Should You Secure Your Brand?
There are a number of reasons of why you should choose to secure your brand. With some of the most important reasons being a part of today’s normal business procedures in the age of digital. Securing your brand can help with everything from reputation management, to increased visibility, both of which will ultimately result in more sustainable growth and a loyal customer-base who knows what to expect from you with each and every transaction completed.

Here are three reasons for why you should secure your brand today:
1. Reputation Management
Your brand is important, so taking the right steps to correctly align your brand with your mission and values will help to organize your marketing efforts, as you continue to move forward towards sustainable growth. By registering your profiles correctly, you can ensure that your brand is completely and totally dialed in and prepared for your next marketing strategy.
2. Great For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Not only will brand management increase your online visibility, it will also help you to identify trends set by your customers. Are you being found through direct search engine searches? Are you being linked to and referred by other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram? By identifying where your traffic is coming from, you can better ensure that your brand is showcasing your mission and values exactly how you want them to be showcased, ultimately increasing your visibility and overall traffic to your site.
3. Increased Brand Visibility
By registering with the top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can ensure that your brand will be seen absolutely everywhere in the world, at any given time! You will ultimately have control of how your brand is seen by millions of social media users from all corners of the globe. Increase your brand visibility and ensure that you are always in the minds of your customers.

How You Can Secure Your Brand!
By contacting TomsBrandIt, you can set yourself up to ensure that your online brand is 100% secure, safe, and sound at all times. We can walk you through all of the necessary processes and procedures to ensure that once you leave our hands, you’ll be well-prepared to handle and navigate the waters of maintaining a social web presence in the age of digital.
Here at TomsBrandIt, we provide a 100% done-for-you service! When you’re ready to get started, all you have to do is fill out a simple form with some basic information about your business, your mission, your values, and how you want to ultimately showcase your brand online. Once we receive your information, we’ll take care of the hard work so that you can rest assured knowing that you made the right decision to work with TomsBrandIt. We’ll even give you a listing report containing a detailed outline of all completed work, so you can be sure that we did our jobs to the fullest.
How does it work? Check below!

How It All Works!
Our 3-step process is guaranteed to have your brand secure, and up and running in no time!
4. Select Your Package
Select from one of four packages below, and provide us with your desired brand name and a few details about your desired profile:
50 Registered Profiles
100 Registered Profiles
200 Registered Profiles
300 Registered Profiles
Based off of the details you provide us, we can completely customize all of your registered profiles to ensure that they are consistent across platforms and in line with the mission and values that you are wishing to showcase for your online brand.
5. Manual Registration Process
Our highly trained and ultra-skilled team will immediately get to work securing your brand name on all relevant social media platforms and websites. We’ll completely customize all features relevant to your business, and we’ll even create a customized email address that will be used for the sole purpose of registering your brand – to ensure that your personal inbox isn’t flooded with registration confirmations.

Our manual registration process ultimately functions to ensure that everything remains consistent across all platforms. After all, brand management is all about consistency and delivery. The TomsBrandIt 3-step process is guaranteed to be consistent and deliver results!
6. Transparent Reporting
When we’re all finished, we’ll be sure to deliver you a complete and detailed report that outlines all online registrations completed, along with all applicable usernames and passwords. Now, finally, your brand is secure, safe, and sound! You’re ready to be let on your own and continue growing your business through your professionally designed online presence, designed by experts and planned by industry leaders!

Secure Your Brand Today!
If you’re planning on dipping your toes into the online marketplace, we have some news for you – don’t just dip your toes in, take the plunge and go all-in! In today’s hyper-digitized marketplaces, it is imperative that all businesses maintain a stable online presence. And even more important, business owners must ensure that their brand management is top-notch, so that it remains secure and consistent across all platforms.
Team up with TomsBrandIt, so you can get started on securing and managing your online brand effectively and efficiently. Remember, in today’s hyper-digitized marketplace, it is imperative that you understand just how to manage your brand online – after all, this is the new way!
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